Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How hotels can increase their reservations

By Jonathan Cherins
It’s all about the money. 
While travelers are busing themselves trying to find the best deals for the best price, a sea of overwhelming information can be more of an obstacle than an aid. Building business for hotels, while reducing costs and improving performance, can be a bit daunting, and TravelClick offers solutions to help the hotels that utilize their services worldwide thrive. 

Looking to offer better insight into how hotels can grow and retain their client base, it offers free online webinars this month to review third quarter hotel performance results and trends for this year (2013). Due to the “noise” of having too much data available when mining through sources of market intelligence available to hoteliers, the webinar advises hotels how to extract insights from the source information that translate into value-producing actions. 

The webinar discusses various ways in which advanced business intelligence could be translated into effective, profit producing initiatives that are comprised of marketing, sales, distribution, pricing, and revenue management. Based off of third quarter hotel performance, future trends are projected and analyzed. This is made easier in general due to the varied tools offered by TravelClick to their clients, such as their eMonitor market performance reports and expected future bookings for hotels. They simplify the research process and present hotels with a clear understanding of how they have been performing and what needs to change in order to perform better. The webinar is offered at three different times and available to TravelClick clients around the world, and focuses on how to approach the various market segments around the world and maximizing the internet to assist in the hotels’ flow of business. 

Executive Vice President Jonathan Cherins from Maplewood, New Jersey, works to assist hotels to increase their online bookings. 

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Marketing Specialist and Current Excutive VP at TravelClick

TravelClick’s Executive Vice President
Jonathan Cherins is the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the Americas - leading TravelClick's Sales & Marketing efforts. He joined the company in 2010 as Chief Managing Officer (CMO). He has more than twenty years of experience in the marketing and technology industry and has gained a reputation as an expert sales & marketing leader.

Jonathan Cherins grew up in New Jersey. He achieved a BA from Michigan University in Ann Arbor, MI and an MBA from Columbia University’s Business School in Manhattan, New York. He graduated his MBA with honors including the Dean’s List.

Career Beginning
Jonathan Cherins’ career began with Miller Freeman Inc. He started out as the company’s Sales Manager for the Eastern Region and later became the National Sales Manager. His roles at Miller Freeman were the stepping-stone to his career in marketing.

He later joined Juno Online Services, where he served as VP of the Business and Marketing Development Department. Due to his contribution toward the company’s business development, including the initiation of loyalty marketing programs, Jonathan Cherins was promoted to the position of Senior VP of Product Marketing. He served in this position for four years. During this time, he helped the company raise capital privately to increase subscriber counts and eventually go go public in 1999.

Following his tenure at Juno, Jonathan Cherins became the Director of Strategic Development at Dun & Bradstreet Inc. D&B provides data information on a subscription basis. In the capacity of his position with D&B, Cherins held several other positions including Director of Strategy and Business Development, Director of Small and Mid-Sized Business Solutions, and Senior VP for the Risk Management Solutions Department. Cherins’ experience in corporate strategy, marketing, and subscriber platforms were an asset to improving Dun & Bradstreet’s revenue and subscriber reservation.

Role at TravelClick
Cherins worked with Dun & Bradstreet for over eight years before transferring to TravelClick. Jonathan Cherins joined the company in 2010 as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Travelclick provides cloud based revenue generating solutions or hotels around the world. It provides reservation management, guest management, website presentation, media, and so forth. It has over 30,000 clients worldwide. Jonathan Cherins has utilized his experience to generate increased product demand through methods such as communication and engagement with clients, strategic branding, and initiation of corporate alliances. After spending a year as CMO, Cherins was promoted to run TravelClick's Reservation Product Groups in 2011. IN 2012, he was promoted again to EVP, Americas where he currently is responsible for all of TravelClick's Sales & Marketing efforts in Canada, United States and Latin America.

Outside the Office
Jonathan lives with his wife and three children in in Maplewood, New Jersey. When he is not in the office, he loves hanging out with his family. He enjoys golfing and cooking scrumptious meals for his family. He also loves to run and participated in his first races this year. These included a race to commemorate the 1972 Olympics and September 11th.